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SMS Messaging (6)
SMS Messaging
General Information
▸ What's SMS text message?
SMS text message is an alternative way to communicate with members on the... Show More
▸ How do I start texting with credits I have purchased?
To start using your purchased credits, you will need to find a member on... Show More
▸ Where do I go to find members to text with?
To find a member to text with go to the Text drop down menu and select "who's... Show More
▸ How do I confirm my mobile phone number?
To confirm your mobile phone number, first you will need to enter your mobile... Show More
▸ What are the benefits of using the SMS feature?
The benefits of using the SMS features are, you get to communicate with... Show More
▸ I didn't get a confirmation code.
Please contact support and provide them with your phone number and carrier's... Show More